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  • Increase metabolism
    SUBQ creates a thermic effect that heats your body up causing an increase in metabolism and calories burned. Watch as the fat disappears off your body.
  • Mental Clarity
    Mental clarity is increased making your diet process easier than ever
  • Improve your energy
    Improves your energy even in a calorie deficit
  • Canada Made
    Canadian Made


SUB•Q® completely redefines what you should expect from a fat burner. Our revolutionary supplement combines breakthrough ingredients with diet and training information, in our VIP section that will help incinerate the fat that keeps you from looking shredded. SUB•Q is used by competitive bodybuilders around the world and has proven to be a tried and true way to achieve a standout physique. SUB•Q will give you the powerful and explosive results you need to get beyond ripped.


SUB•Q combined with its Beyond Ripped Diet and Training program here, is designed to retain your hard-earned muscle while incinerating body fat, including subcutaneous fat, helping to make you look shredded.
The diagram above illustrates the difference in subcutaneous fat levels before and after the SUB•Q cycle.
To ensure your results are explosive, SUB•Q’s powerful formula is transported with Bullet Caplet Technology.
Bullet Caplet Technology is a proprietary innovation exclusive to FUSION BODYBUILDING®. What makes this technology unique is its micro-channels. During the disintegration process, these micro-channels are created in the Bullet Caplet structure, and the ingredients in SUB•Q are released from the inside of the caplet to the outside, dissolving it from the center. This allows immediate and accurate dosing, making sure the ingredients work together as designed.

Here is an example of what can be accomplished by combining SUB•Q with the Beyond Ripped Diet & Training program. 
Nik Zac lost over 60lbs and went on to win his show.

What is subcutaneous fat?

Subcutaneous fat is the layer of stubborn, milky-white fat that sits just underneath your skin. This fat layer contains fat cells called adipose cells that sit on top of your muscles and bones, attached to them by connective tissues. As subcutaneous fat increases in quantity, the true shape and definition of your muscles and body is obscured. For men, most subcutaneous fat is stored in the abdominal areas.On average, subcutaneous fat accounts for about 3 to 8% of your total body mass and accounts for more than 80% of all fat mass

How will I feel on SUBQ?

SUB•Q contains scientifically proven ingredients that deliver powerful and explosive results - fast! You should feel the results within minutes of your first dose.

Can I use SUBQ with other supplements and foods that contain caffeine?

No. We do not recommend that you take this product with anything that contains caffeine. Please read the entire SUBQ label, including the warnings, and use only as directed. 

Why are we using new dye-free caplets?

Overwhelming amounts of research is now showing compounding food-dye consumption is causing a variety of illnesses and allergic reactions. As we further develop our technology we are mindful to move in a direction that continues to put your health first. While we are not yet 100% dye-free the introduction of our dye-free caplets is our first step.

Who can use SUBQ?

You can - Men and Women. SUBQ goes to work right away and produces powerful, explosive and safe results - fast! Any healthy adult can use SUBQ to get beyond ripped. As with any diet, exercise or supplement program you should consult a medical professional before you begin. Always read the entire label before using any supplement product, and follow all directions.


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90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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