Kelsey Wilson

Kelsey Wilson

National Figure
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May 15, 1987

Fredericton, NB








120 lbs

135 lbs


2016 NB Provincials 1st place Figure A & Overall

2016 International Events Qualifier 2nd place Figure A

2015 NB Provincials 1st place Figure A

2015 International Events Qualifier 10th place Figure B

2015 Canadian Open Nationals 7th place Figure B

2014 NB Provincials 2nd place Figure Short

2014 International Events Qualifier 7th place Figure B

2013 NB Provincials – 2nd place Figure Short

2012 Canadian Open Nationals 16th place Figure B

2011 NB Provincials 1st place Figure Short

2010 Atlantic Classic 3rd place Figure Short

2009 NB Provincials 2nd place Figure Short

2009 Atlantic Classic 1st place Figure Short


The reason I started training is...
I needed a new challenge. I was an athlete my entire life, playing basketball and volleyball in elementary and middle school, volleyball and soccer through high school, and continuing with volleyball in university. I loved being active and competitive. My husband and I (boyfriend at the time) went to go watch his ex-girlfriend compete in 2006. No it wasnt weird; she is one of the nicest girls ever. That was the first show I had ever seen and I loved it!

The person I most wanted to be when I started was...
I have always wanted to be the best me, but I looked up to Nicole Wilkins.

The person I owe the most to is...
My husband for supporting me through everything during contest prep and the off-season. He takes care of our business (Kelsey Wilson Fitness), organizes everything, watches our kids so I can work on plans and train, helps with plans, does my plans, is always checking in with clients, helps take care of the house and has taken time off from his full-time job this year to focus more on the business to make things less stressful. Our kids are really helpful and understanding of my food choices during prep and when I have to go to the gym. My family is always there for me and helping me stay on track.

The supplement I can't live without is...
ONE PUNCH, MINDSET, PURPLE K, AND AMINOMANIA – I love drinking my BCAAs during my workout and even more so because it tastes like candy!

The best thing about training is...
Pushing myself further and further each and every workout. I love seeing progress. Its motivating proving to myself that I can do it!

Two things I would change about competitions are...
Thats hard because the majority of people are amazing, but I definitely wish everyone did them for the right reasons and everyone were happy and healthy before, during and after the shows.

My ultimate goal is...
To get my pro card.

Years I’ve been training...
Eight years Ive been competing since 2009. I took a couple of years off to have two children and lived in Beijing for two years though I still competed, flying home for shows.

What I enjoy most about competing is...
I love showcasing all of my hard work onstage and meeting new people. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people and those who share the same passion as you is incredibly motivating.

The thing I hate most about stepping up onstage is...
Nothing! I love being up there!

The pros I most look forward to being onstage with are...
Candice Lewis-Carter, Nicole Wilkins, Erin Stern, Candice Keene the list goes on!

The one thing every competing bodybuilder should know is...
Dont ever compare yourself to others! Its you versus you always!

One bodybuilding secret I discovered is...
Its not just about training your body. You need to train your mind too. I have been reading a lot lately on staying motivated and doing whatever it takes to reach your goals. Train that mental muscle!