FAQ: Zeus 2.0

I’ve been stuck in a plateau for months, hovering around the same weight. Can ZEUS2.0 help me bust out of it? 
Absolutely. ZEUS2.0 is for any bodybuilder looking to get bigger and stronger – including guys who struggle to bulk up or find themselves in a plateau. Start taking ZEUS2.0 now so you can begin gaining muscle sooner rather than later!   

Why was ZEUS2.0 reformulated?  
It’s simple. When we started Fusion Bodybuilding, we vowed to bring bodybuilders the absolute strongest supplements possible. That’s why we’re always innovating, always looking for new and powerful ingredients. We saw an opportunity to improve ZEUS2.0, and we seized it!

Does ZEUS2.0 only work while I’m training? 
Nope, and that’s the beauty of this product. Even after you’ve called it a day, ZEUS2.0 keeps working for you by stimulating post-workout muscle growth. ZEUS2.0 also helps you recover faster so you can be in full form the next time you train.  

I like what I’m reading so far. Does ZEUS2.0 offer any other benefits? 
First and foremost, ZEUS2.0 is a testosterone booster. That will always be its core function. As an added bonus, ZEUS2.0 also helps temporarily relieve muscle fatigue and weakness, helps improve focus and mental stamina, and even helps the body metabolize carbs, fats, and proteins. On top of it all, ZEUS2.0 supports heat generation, which can help you burn fat for fuel.  

I’ve been duped by other supplements in the past. How can I be sure that ZEUS2.0 will work for me?  
We’re proud of ZEUS2.0 (and all of our other products) because they are supported by scientific research. We also ensure our labels are a true and accurate representation of what’s inside the bottle. All of our ingredients are included in precise and proper amounts (never under-dosed), so that you can get the results you’re expecting. 

I’m new to bodybuilding. Do you have any other tips?   
If you haven’t already done so, take a few minutes to browse the rest of our site. The VIP+ section is a great place to find articles on bodybuilding science, training, diet, and more. If you like getting things for free (who doesn’t?), then you’ll want to check out our redemption program too, also found in the VIP+ section. Lastly, don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel for a ton of helpful videos.