Introduction to The Muscle Times

Introduction to The Muscle Times

Hey Fusion Fam,

We would like to introduce you to The Muscle Times; our newly rebooted newsletter. 

Here at Fusion HQ, we are constantly jamming on how we can bring you more value by asking the question: How can we serve you better? To that, we decided to deploy our talented team of researchers and writers to provide a constant flow of information to help you in your fitness and bodybuilding pursuits. You can expect articles on training, science, nutrition, and industry news. The Muscle Times will answer age old questions like: 

• Bro split or PPL? 

• Fasted or fed cardio?

• Heavy lifting or volume? 

Our goal is to help you achieve your goal. Knowledge in the right minds is immensely powerful and with this platform, we are fired up to serve you.

As humans, we all get a ton of email we don’t want, so we truly understand if you unsubscribe. But to those that stick with us, we promise to respect your time and bring value to your day. 

Thanks so much like-minded peeps…here we go!

- Team Fusion