Ideas to help you improve your affiliate business.

Ideas to help you improve your affiliate business.



Our Affiliate program has ramped up amazingly and we can’t thank you enough. We at FUSION HQ feel the only way we can build our company is to build our people…and that’s you. In that spirit, we have developed FUSION UNIVERSITY. Our intent is to feed you useful bits of sales and marketing information from time to time so you can help build and strengthen your personal brand. We welcome any and all feedback and questions along the way. Here’s your first nugget:


Give, Give, Give….Ask.

We encourage you to think about your follower's attention and your brand before you think about our brand. Yes…you are a personal brand….never forget that. The best way to build yourself into a credible and powerhouse fitness brand is to think long-term and give way more than you receive. So please think about your audience and what value you can bring them. Can you provide fitness tips, motivational posts or inject some humour into your page? The point here is to create engaging content and show you really care about your followers. Then, after you have given them value and as peoples trust in you grows, then you can ask them to buy. It’s very important to stay patient and you’ll find this strategy works best. Give…give…give…ask. You should not be posting about FUSION asking for people to spend their hard-earned cash every day. It is acceptable to post your workout or supplements on your story daily…but don’t ask them to buy until you have given them extreme value. People are smart and they will connect the dots. It may feel counterintuitive but it’s the best advice we can give and we are brutally honest in saying it because we care. We care about you and our goal is to build and nurture a long-term relationship with you.

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